Privacy matters,
own your data.
Protect your life online

Take back ownership of your most important data like your files, photos, emails, browsing activity and more. Helm’s suite of privacy-first services protect and secure your online life.

Secure and protect your online life

Key services safeguard all that you do online
Own your email and control the root of your online identity.
Share, sync and backup files and photos across all your devices.
Keep your online activity private and secure from untrusted networks. (Coming soon!)

Take Control of Your Personal Information

Bring your data home with Helm, the personal server that lives where you do.
Helm’s suite of privacy-first services protect and secure your online data.
Helm protects your files, photos, emails, calendar, contacts, and more.
Get a personalized email domain with Helm plus bring as many custom domains as you like.
Helm’s team protects your data and ensures it’s only visible to you.

Break Away from Big Tech

Private email, unlimited custom domains, email accounts, and aliases
Secure file and folder sync and sharing, plus photo backup, sharing, and storage
Multiple-user functionality and management
Privately save your contact list
Secure calendar management

A New Way To Control Your Data

Now it’s incredibly easy to protect your personal information and take control of your data with Helm. Helm’s privacy-first services enable you to replace the free services that use you.

Helm secures and protects your personal information including files and documents, photos and videos, emails, calendar details, and contact information so that only you have access.

Use Helm for your home, office, or small business. It's time to take control - get started today.

Helm will never share your emails with anyone or scan them [...] By design, the Helm company simply doesn’t have access to your email.

Micah Lee

...the experience of having my data sitting there in a little box on my desk where I could keep an eye on it was weirdly thrilling, and I soon noticed changes in how I thought about other services...

Max Chafkin

If you’re looking to kick Google or Microsoft to the curb and claw back control of your email, this is in my opinion the best and easiest way to do it.

Lee Hutchinson