Helm Personal Server Features

Privacy by Design and Default
Helm's powerful set of services and features includes private email, safe calendars and contacts as well as secure file and photo storage. We regularly release updates to improve the Helm features and experiences.

Truly Private Email

Protect the sensitive contents of your inbox and communicate privately by email with a custom domain.

Use Your Current Email Client ▾

Access your email using email clients like Outlook, the iOS Mail app, or Mozilla Thunderbird. Helm protects the connection between your server and the clients using TLS encryption.

Unlimited Accounts & Aliases ▾

Bring as many custom domains as you like and create unlimited email accounts and aliases.

Secure, Encrypted Backups ▾

Have peace of mind with secure encrypted offsite backups using keys only you have.

120GB to 5TB of Storage ▾

Expand Helm’s storage capacity up to 5 TB by adding an additional drive.*
*-firmware update coming soon

Safe Calendar & Contacts

Secure the contents of your calendar and protect your contact list with Helm’s encrypted calendar and contact service.

Create Multiple Calendars ▾

Create and manage as many calendars as you want. Use native clients to easily add and configure contact lists and calendars.

Calendars for Each User ▾

Every Helm user can create and manage their own calendars and share with other Helm users.

Sync Across Devices ▾

Access and automatically sync calendars and contact information on your phone, tablet and desktop computer.

Support for Standard Protocols ▾

Helm supports the industry standard protocols CalDAV, iCal, and CardDAV.

Secure Files & Photos

Break free from the cloud and safely store your personal files and photos on the Helm personal server, powered by Nextcloud.

Accessible on All Devices ▾

Whether you’re syncing and sharing files or backing up photos, your data is accessible from anywhere in the world through an easy-to-use web interface, desktop client, and mobile app.

Secure Access for Each User ▾

Setup is fast and easy for one or multiple users. Each user has private access to their own files and photos.

Confidently Share Files ▾

Want to share large files and folders? Privately and securely share them using features like expiring links and unique passwords.

Automatic Files & Photos Backup ▾

Rest easy with automatic and secure data backups of your Helm Personal Server. Only you have a recovery key to decrypt the backups.

Dedicated Security

Everything we do is designed to keep your data safe, secure, and only accessible to you.

Helm’s subscription provides ongoing, state-of-the-art protection and security updates, storage of offsite encrypted backups, access to new services, accessibility anywhere in the world, and domain registration and management.

We work with security experts and hackers to audit and assess Helm’s products and services for vulnerabilities to ensure they are as safe and secure as possible.