Press Kit

Helm is a personal server that allows you to own and manage your own data.

For members of the press, we have prepared some media assets for you to download.

Company information, product information and more.

Please contact us if you need any help or have questions about these assets.

Email us at:

πŸ“¦ Download: Press Kit

β€’ "Helm" Wordmark
β€’ "H" Logo
β€’ Helm Product 1-Pager
β€’ Launch Blog Post
β€’ Founder Photos
β€’ Product Photos
β€’ In-Situ Photos

‍Links To Product Videos:
β€’ Introducing Helm (2:23s): Watch
β€’ We the People - Our Manifesto (40s): Watch
β€’ We the People - It’s time (20s): Watch
β€’ Why Email Matters (1:21): Watch
β€’ Helm - B-Roll Footage - Silent (39s): Watch